Direct Market Access/Sponsored, techy savvy, edgy and

DMA/SAgroggy algorithmic “everything by the rule” appreciation of catering bewildering broad asset classes, multi-venue trading with industry leading technologies and SaaS – the goal is to be top-tier in rebates and costs for orders which supply liquidity and have an internal dark pool of hidden crossings non-displayed liquidity of Alternative Trading Systems as part of the SOR for systemic internalization efFIciencies.

Cost driven practitioners to separation of concern and SOR[1] asynchronously hooking up post-trades OMS[2] into fastest execution venue and real-time data – “building features off the back of it”.

PATS patsystems API safety umbrella with licensing, python “scripting kiddy” adaptive, heuristic uniform TWAP[3] contract iceberg, slicing up orders with heuristic proportions and generating re-allocated with time buckets captivating market footprint, POV[4] with responsiveness to lively and vigorous volume and price movements,and ValburyFutures’n Options multi-legged vertical strike, calendar spreads {butterfly, straddle, condor, synthetic} varying assets, too much of voluptuously technology mixings up with markets to lose some of the vibrancy that makes these fascinating.